Video Recording 

For the funeral director that wants to start streaming video online, but isn't ready to start broadcasting LIVE, our On-Demand Video solution is perfect.

How it Works

Funeral DVDYou take a video camera to the funeral service, record the service, and then upload the recorded file to us. We then take the file and begin its 90 days of online streaming, create 2 DVDs of the recording, and archive the video for life. If the family would like to order additional copies of the DVD we'll always have it to quickly duplicate them.


Cameras with solid state storage work the best for this recording option. We will provide a video camera FREE of charge (with the proper cards for storage) with a commitment of
4 funerals per month. You may also use your own equipment if you have it.


Contact us today to try it for Yourself! Our prices are the best in the industry!