Webcasting is the hot new technology in the funeral industry. FuneralRecording.com provides the training and equipment necessary for you to begin broadcasting LIVE! Webcasting allows all of those friends and family members who are unable to come to the funeral to feel included. With this amazing technology they are only a mouse click away.

Along with each live webcast, every service is saved to our website for on-demand viewing. This way those who couldn't watch it live will still have a chance. Each service remains online for 90 days, and can also be made available on your website. (CLICK HERE to Learn More)


You can lease equipment from us or purchase your own. With our leased equipment we make sure that it is always in proper working condition. When newer technology comes along we will replace the equipment, so you are always up to date. (CLICK HERE to Learn More)


Unlike the competitors, FuneralRecording.com uses Flash Media Player to webcast your services. Flash is the most widely available media player in the world! This way your services can be watched by millions of people who would have otherwise been left out.


Contact us today to try it for Yourself! Our prices are the best in the industry!